Our dedicated specialists, nurses and support staff provide the best care for patients with a wide range of well-child care, acute care and specialty services in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Our services include physical examinations and laboratory tests, growth monitoring and diagnostic services. With state-of-the-art, kid-sized equipment and other kid-friendly touches, we tailor our medical care to meet your child’s unique needs.

Clinic Services:

Routine check-up
Assessment of growth and development of new born and child
Preventive care
Diagnosis, Treatment and follow up of:
    • Infectious diseases
    • Respiratory infections and diseases
    • Gastrointestinal disorders and Nutritional problems
    • Urinary Tract infection and Nocturnal Enuresis
    • Hematology and Heart Diseases
    • Nervous system disorders
    • Endocrinal disorders
    • Breast feeding counselling