Pediatrics & Neonatologist

Pediatrics & Neonatologist



Our Pediatrics and Neonatology Department goes above and beyond to provide the highest quality standards of care for sick children, either in an acute situation or for chronic conditions.
The General Pediatric team works hand in hand with the Neonatology Department and the Obstetric Department to provide a seamless service from pregnancy through delivery to childhood, working in a multi-disciplinary team approach.
The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) is well equipped with the highest quality incubators, ventilators and other supportive measures, operated by clinical staff that support our babies 24/7 to return them to full health.


• General pediatric medicine
• Immunization
• Acute and chronic respiratory diseases
• Management of type I and II diabetes mellitus
• Management of child obesity
• Delivery and post-natal care
• Management of neonatal jaundice
• Neonatal Intensive Care
• Management of infectious diseases in children
• Management of seizure disorder in children
• Developmental screening
• Screening of hearing, metabolic diseases and critical congenital heart diseases in newborn
• Pediatric emergencies
• Counseling and health education of parents