Ophthalmology (Eye Clinic)

Ophthalmology (Eye Clinic)



Al Sharq’s Eye Clinic attends to all of your eye care needs, including general eye-sight concerns, and particular medical conditions which can affect the eyes such as diabetes and high blood pressure. As with the rest of the hospital, the eye-testing equipment is premium and hi-tech, all of our tools and testing methods are technologically advanced.


  • Hi-tech diagnostics, monitoring and treatment of ophthalmic complications related to diabetes
  • Treatment with Laser, Intravitreal injections and Vitreo-retinal surgery
  • Hi tech preoperative assessment
  • Phacoemulsification cataract surgery
  • Treatment of Keratoconus with Intrakeratic rings
  • Correction of refractive errors with safer than LASIK procedure – ICL or Phakic IOLs implantation
  • Hi-tech digital evaluation of ophthalmic pathologies starting with premature, mature and juvenile children
  • Treatment with both non-invasive and invasive methods
  • Detailed evaluation and treatment of the very common Ocular surface disease with punctum plugs and alternative methods


  • Computerized visual field analysis.
  • Anti-glaucoma operations like trabeculectomy, iridotomy
  • Total Orthoptic and Strabismus work up.
  • Squint corrective surgeries.
  • Surgeries of Lacrimal apparatus like DCR, DCT.
  • Fitting of the contact lenses.