Aero-medical clinic (Aviation)

Aero-medical clinic (Aviation)



Aviation clinic deals in giving the provides consultation and medical check-up services to aviation professionals, such as mainly commercial and air transport pilots, cabin crew, private pilots and air traffic controllers.
Whether you are entering the aviation industry as a student or you are an aviation professional, our clinic has experienced physician who prescribe the accuracy of being medically fit for flying and has extensive experience in examining air crew for their fitness to fly.
The aviation check-up consists of multiple services which include laboratory and radiology investigations, Pure Tone audiometry and vision test thus ensuring the individual is medically fit.


GCAA Class One

  • Commercial Pilot License – CPL
  • Air Transport Pilot License – ATPL

GCAA Class Two

  • Cabin Crew – CC
  • Private Pilot  – PPL

GCAA Class Three

  • Air Traffic Controller – ATC


  • First Class Pilot
  • Second class Pilot